A Few Words About Vivek Atray

vivek atray

Vivek Atray, a renowned speaker, has graced stages both in India and abroad, captivating audiences that range from the Indian Army and prestigious gatherings like HORASIS, NASSCOM, CII, TIE, NCGG, LBSNAA, IIFT, ISB, to educational institutions spanning Universities, Colleges, and Schools. His eloquence has resonated within boardrooms as well, conducting impactful workshops for renowned companies such as Infosys, Trident, Hindustan Times, SBI, and Axis Bank.

The latest addition to Vivek’s literary accomplishments is his book titled “FINDING SUCCESS WITHIN – 52 LIFE SKILLS for YOUNG INDIANS.” This insightful guide encapsulates a wealth of practical wisdom for the youth, aiding them on their journey to success. Beyond this, his creative flair extends to the world of fiction with novels like “Move on Bunny!” and “Dubey ji Bounces Back.”

In the realm of journalism, Vivek pens the widely-read column “Random Forays” for the Hindustan Times on a fortnightly basis. His thought-provoking middles and articles have found their place in esteemed publications including the Times of India, the Indian Express, The Tribune, The Hindustan Times, and India Today, making him a respected voice on a range of subjects.

Not confined to the literary and speaking spheres, Vivek is the driving force behind the All India JP Atray Cricket Tournament, a prestigious event that has been a mainstay since 1992. The passion for cricket that he nurtured in his youth is evident in his own history as an under-19 cricketer who even played at the national level CK Nayadu Trophy on two occasions. Vivek Atray’s multifaceted journey continues to inspire and enrich diverse domains.


Vivek’s new book is titled FINDING SUCCESS WITHIN- 52 LIFE SKILLS for YOUNG INDIANS. His novels are “Move on Bunny!” & “Dubey ji Bounces Back”. He writes a fortnightly column- Random Forays- for the Hindustan Times. . Dozens of his Middles and Articles have been published in the Times of India, the Indian Express, The Tribune, The Hindustan Times and India Today.